Buy/Sell Used Machine

    • -Once the Seller's Form is Submitted, and Accepted by CREALITYUAE, it is Required to Bring the Machine to CREALITYUAE's Facility to Start the Check up and Certification Process
      -The Machine Should Remain with CREALITYUAE to Ensure and Guarantee its Condition for as Long as it's Listed for Sale on our Website
      - The Guarantee is NOT a Warranty, we will Test the Machine and Make sure it's Printing Well before Posting on the Website, But there Will be no Warranty with the Used Machines
      -Platform Fees are Calculated as (10% + VAT) of the Seller's Asking Price
      -Used 3D Printers Require Local Pick-Up, They are NOT Eligible for Shipping
      -After 1 Month of Listing, it is Possible that the Machine is Sent Back to it's Owner.
      -Payment to the reseller's account will be transferred after 30-45 days from the date of the purchase
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