Maintenance & Warranty

First Lines FZ LLC/CREALITYUAE provides back to back warranty policy with Creality 3D and it is subject to the approval and the terms and conditions of Creality 3D. Our clients enjoy 7 days of grace period during which they can return the purchased items as long as the said items were not used and in their original packing. We apologize for not accepting any return beyond 7 days from the date of purchase. If the machine or the part subject to the invoice was assembled, fixed and/or commissioned by our staff the return policy will become void. 

What is covered in the warranty? 

1- Year limited warranty starting from the date of product purchase for,
Any defected materials, workmanship of product from factory will be covered during the period of the warranty as long as the following conditions were met
1- User of the product is in the country of the purchase
2- Defective product is original Creality product
3- The product was purchased orderly from CrealityUAE or any selling point approved by First Lines FZ LLC 
4- Proof of purchase 
5- The product is assembled and used as per the user manual that is included in the package

What is not covered in the warranty?

Creality, First Lines FZ LLC does not guarantee the service as result of
1- The proof of purchase being altered or made illegible
2- The product label or serial number being altered or made illegible 
3- Wear and tear parts; including: Nozzles, hotend assemblies, pulleys, belts, hot-end assembly, bed platform, sensors, PTFE tubes, all connectors, power cables, moving parts.
4- Malfunction or damage caused by buyer's retrofitting or improper installation and usage
5- Malfunction or damage caused by use in non-recommended environment & conditions
6- Malfunction or damage caused by use in different/order ways than recommended 
7- Malfunction or damage caused by negligence, misuse and lack of maintenance
8- Malfunction or damage caused by force majeure such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.
9- Malfunction or damage caused by using non-genuine or different brand parts and/or consumables
10- Resin printer LCD screens have a limited warranty period of 3 months

11- Delivery charges within UAE

Technical Support

Our clients enjoy superb and full technical support covers all the aspects related to the machine itself. We do not provide technical support related to the 3D design or the Model 3D printing file. Buyers should have a basic knowledge in 3D design and 3D printing files preparation 

Warranty- wear and tear parts
Wear and tear parts include but not limited to Nozzles, belts, pulleys, thermistors, LCD screens, hotends
Warranty - General message 
The warranty period varies based on the part subject to the warrantee. Please make sure to read the warranty terms and conditions at the time of purchase. 
Warranty- Manpower
The warranty covers the part only and not the manpower Please refer to the following table for 

Warranty and Technical support Manpower fees and charges 

AED180 base charge non inclusive of delivery
AED180 base charge non inclusive of delivery
AED180 base charge non inclusive of delivery
Part replacement
AED180 base charge non inclusive of delivery

Maintenance Operations Workflow

Upon having the machine delivered to our service center, a base fee of AED180 is required, after assessment, we reach out to the client and inform them of the issues, fixes needed and charges based on replacement parts and manpower

(The previous table is for one machine, for multiple machines, price will be accumulative)

Warranty (general maintenance and service) - Time frame

The estimated time of servicing the machine is minimum working 2 days and maximum 7 working days provided that the required parts are available in our workshop or warehouse in Dubai - UAE. In case of ordering the parts from outside, the said part delivery time shall be added to the above mentioned time frame.