CR 200B Tech Videos

Assembly and Operation
Install the BL Touch
Replace X and Y axis belt
Replace X and Y axis polished rod bearings
X limit switch Replacement
Replace the new hotend kit
clean the hotend throat
Flash firmware
Replace switch,socket extrusion kit,mainboard,power source
The blower fan replacement
Replace Z axis motor wire
Replace Y axis motor wire
Replace X axis motor wire
Replace thermistor
Replace the nozzle
Replace the hot bed plate
Replace Teflon tube
Replace heating tube
Replace fuse wire
Replace filament detector
Replace E axis motor wire
Replace axial fan
Replace the display
Replace extrusion kit and install the fan
Y limit switch Replacement
X axis belt Replacement
Hotbed tray Replacement
Y axis motor Replacement tutorial
X axis motor Replacement tutorial
T screw coupling and Z axis motor Replacement tutorial
Extrusion kit Replacement tutorial
Tutorial on cleaning nozzles with a needle
Nozzle throat cleaning tutorial
Nozzle kit Replacement tutorial
Flash firmware tutorial
Screen panel Replacement tutorial